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Sfi-klassrum med sju motiverade studenter

Welcome to Lernia

We have courses both for students that have never studied before and for students that have studied for many years. Everyone can learn Swedish at Sfi Lernia. You can also study toward a specific profession at Sfi Lernia or take courses required for higher education. Together, we'll find the right thing for you. 

Sfi Lernia

Sfi translates into Swedish for Immigrants. Sfi Lernia helps you integrate into Swedish society.

At Sfi Lernia you will quickly improve your reading, writing, speaking and ability to understand Swedish. We have courses for everyone – from beginners to advanced levels. At Sfi Lernia you will be able to combine your lessons with an internship. During the internship, you can be at work and practice Swedish at the same time. Sfi at Lernia is free of charge.

Skilled teachers

At Sfi Lernia you will meet skilled teachers who will help you to learn Swedish faster. Several thousand students choose to study at Sfi Lernia each year. An initial placement test before starting ensures that you are placed in the appropriate course level and receive optimal teacher support. At Sfi Lernia, you can also study Swedish for Professionals. In the profession-oriented courses, students practice words and expressions that are needed in a specific profession.

Study at hours that suit you

At Sfi Lernia, you can study at hours that suit you and your family. We have courses in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. It's up to you. You can also choose distance learning. This means that you study at home or at another location and only have to visit the school occasionally. You need to study at least 15 hours a week. We help you plan your studies so they suit you and your needs.
The hours of our courses vary from location to location.

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Call Sfi Lernia at 0771 – 650 650 and ask about course hours at your nearest location. You can also send send an e-mail to .

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